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HR Software for Remote People Selection

Candidate behavioral assessment for talent acquisition

Kodo People is a new generation psychometric assessment tool: we test real decision-making, rather than relying on self-reported, bias-prone, and manipulable questionnaires

Decision-making based


Bias-free hiring

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Don't know what candidates you should choose?

Our algorithm will tell you who should be hired in minutes... And it'll be right.

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Dramatically reduce the time it takes to
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Build more cohesive, inclusive, diverse,
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Avoid biased decision-making
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Unrivaled hiring in 3 easy steps.

Talent Acquisition Overview


It's the first link between candidates and the company. Assess their adaptability, uncertainty management, and job interest before any resume or skills evaluation.

Talent Management Kodo People

Talent Acquisition Overview

Behavioral Style

Get a glimpse of each candidate’s behavioral style so you can determine if their approach is the best fit for the job. You can find the ideal complement to your current team.

Online Recruiting Software Kodo People

Talent Acquisition Overview


Time to consider the social relationships in the workplace. Understanding a new employee’s social preferences will guarantee onboarding success.

IT Recruiting

What our clients think about our HR Software for Remote Staff Selection:

“The greatest strength of Kodo People is the Know-How with which the app is developed. Since we have been using Kodo People our hiring has improved both in quality (between 50% and 80%) and speed
(between 20% and 50%).”
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Julio Pesegueiro
Chief Financial Officer, Disbyte SA
“Thanks to Kodo People we have improved the quality and speed of hire by 50-80% and talent retention by 20-50%. What I value most is being able to make a quick pre-screening of candidates in a selection process based on the Kodo methodology.”
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Manuel Torrejimeno
Adjunto CEO & Dtor. Coorporativo Administración y Finanzas, ISOTools I Grupo ESGInnova
“The strongest point of Kodo People is its behavioral approach. This is what makes a clearer difference and, moreover, enhances the candidate experience.”

Captura de pantalla 2023 03 07 a las 12.24.22
Aitor Caballero
Director AC Foods Company SL


Talent Acquisition Module


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199€ /month (billed annually)



319€ /month (billed annually)



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249€ /month



399€ /month


Companies from various sectors have relied on our psychometric assessments:

Start saving time using Kodo People!

Frequently Asked Questions about our HR Software for Staff Selection and Talent Acquisition

Yes, you can use it because is not about the sector, industry, etc. It’s all about people’s behavior. Kodo People is a tool based on Behavioral Economics that assesses people’s intrinsic behaviors (It's an essential data set to consider when you’re hiring). 

In the future and thanks to our research programs, Kodo People will be able to share with you if there’re behavioral common patterns when we segment by positions or job roles. We offer you this powerful tool with a solid and robust scientific core with which you can make better, faster, and more objective hiring decisions.

Absolutely! You will assess candidates’ intrinsic behavior which is quite stable across time, yet it doesn’t mean there could be a gap between candidates’ assessed behavior and their current behavior at work. One of the reasons is that the organizational culture has such a great impact on the way employees behave at work, shaping their behavior. The cool thing here is that we can know what’s going on in the workplace (remote, hybrid, or on-site) ex-ante and prevent you from the frequent candidates' misalignment.

Sure thing! Behavioral data is one of the best pieces of information you can get to enhance your talent acquisition strategy. While you’re interviewing candidates and assessing their hard/technical skills, soft skills, and even their personality traits, you can get objective and differential data about their behavior. Combining Kodo People with other tools is worth it.

It’s super easy! You only have to request an account and then you will start to enjoy a 15 days free trial. You will be able to set up one project and manage 10 potential candidates. After those 15 days, you can cancel the subscription or continue without any limitation.

Screening: our recommendation is to upload into Kodo People all the candidates you got and send them the first behavioral assessment (based on Adaptability, Uncertainty Management, and Job Interest) before any other kind of evaluation. You will save a lot of time screening them and will increase diversity among candidates' selection.

Behavioral Style: once I've completed the initial screening of candidates,  I can start the interviewing process and the hard/soft skills assessment. It's also the ideal moment to carry out the second behavioral assessment. And after that,  I will figure out what type of behavioral style our candidates display.

Onboarding: after the two first Kodo People phases and the additional information that I got interviewing and assessing candidates using non-behavioral economics techniques, I can make a hiring decision. Those candidates hired will start the trial period with us. After a month or so (enough time to interact with managers and teammates), it's the ideal moment to assess candidates' social behavior to ensure they will be aligned with our organizational culture. 

The science underlying  Kodo People is Behavioral Economics, which brings insights from scientific disciplines such as Neuroscience, Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology into economic analysis. 

Behavioral Economics studies and analyzes human behavior and how people make economic decisions. In particular, Kodo People assesses people's behavioral preferences using so-called economic games (games where people make decisions about money with real consequences).

The scientific methodology used by Kodo People doesn’t discriminate by gender, ethnic background, etc. If you incorporate  Kodo People into your talent acquisition daily practice, you will be minimizing recruiters’  biases. Furthermore, you will not discriminate against candidates by their profile pic, beliefs, resumes, etc., during the screening phase (see above our recommendations about when candidates should take each assessment).

We help you save time during the hiring process. We’d dare to say that the workflow is easy-to-use. It’s fair to say that to make decisions to screen candidates, you necessarily don't have to know about behavioral economics. But, there’s a smooth learning curve to understand and get familiar with the meaning of the behavioral variables. Nevertheless, the Kodo People team will support you and give the essential information to dumb it down.

Those talent acquisition pros that embrace Kodo People's technology will positively impact their candidate experience. On the one side, candidates will experience an unusual kind of assessment. Candidates have to make choices in abstract scenarios where is not easy at all to guess what would be the right decision. There's no right or wrong choice. 

On the other hand, you will be adding an extra of objectivity to your hiring process leaning on behavioral data. You also will foster DEI, culture alignment, data driven decisions, and a people-first hiring practice.


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