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Kodo People Talks on Talent Acquisition Today – with Wendy Dailey

Meet Wendy Dailey, a renowned HR content writer, former podcaster of HRSocialHour Podcast, and successful entrepreneur. In this exclusive interview with #KodoPeopleTalks, Wendy gives us an inside look into her fascinating journey: how she started her famous Podcast, her professional background in HR, and how she transitioned into her dream work as an HR writer.

Wendy recently joined Mineral, a leading company in the HR industry, as a content writer. During the interview with Fran Reyes, co-founder of KodoPeople, she shares her own perspective on the company’s innovative approaches to improving employee satisfaction and teamwork. For instance, Mineral has a tradition of “Cuppa Connect”, which matches members of different departments together to have a quick coffee (virtually or in person) and get to know each other. This helps break down potential walls between departments and makes each member see the Mineral Team as a whole. She also talks about the challenges that the company has had to overcome, the changing trends in the HR industry, and how they are successfully adapting to remote work while ensuring employee productivity and job satisfaction.

One of the most critical topics Wendy discusses is hiring and firing. Especially given the recent loud layoffs from tech companies, she discusses how smaller companies and potential hires fit into recent trends (it’s not all bad news on that front!).  She sheds light on how the recruitment process has evolved over the years and the need for companies to adapt to the changing times to ensure the best use of new employees. Wendy provides us with a unique perspective on hiring based on her own unique story in the HR industry.

Watch the interview to gain valuable insights from Wendy on various topics related to the HR industry, including hiring, employee satisfaction, and remote work. With her expertise and experience, Wendy gives us a unique and very human perspective on the challenges and opportunities of modern HR practices.

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