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Why are we Kodo People?

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Humanity is facing extraordinary changes, and as we have already written, people and organizations need to be more adaptable than ever before. To walk the walk rather than talk the talk, we have now embraced a very exciting adaptation: Behave4 People has been transformed into Kodo People! Kodo means “behavior” in Japanese (actually “Kōdō” which is the phonetic transcription of “行動”). Our hearts also beat for “Kodō” (鼓動) that means heartbeat. It fits perfectly our culture and what we’re trying to build as a company: the perfect melting pot of emotions and behavior. Several reasons underlie this rebranding, and we wish to let you know more about them.

First, for a company based in Europe but with an eye always on America like ours, we thought other World regions and cultures needed to be considered and have their voice. At least at the most philosophical and spiritual levels, Asia has been added to our horizon thanks to Kodo, making us super happy because this change builds on our essential pillars of Diversity and Inclusion.

Still, we believe in People-first culture, where leaders place their people as the priority. That is why we keep “People” in our brand as a fundamental part of our work. As such, our passion for strengthening the humanistic link between organizations and their people, henceforth enhancing equality in the workplace, remains fully present.

Our Vision is to make organization-people bonding boundless.

Kodo People is Keen On Developing Organization-People bonding, enabling leaders and managers to understand their people, thus motivating them to thrive at their utmost. Built on behavioral philosophy, we assess people’s real preferences from which leaders can design an effective developing plan for their employees. Our goal is that employees are understood, engaged in good-match tasks, and rewarded at the right time, in the right place, and ever since self-encouraged to integrate themselves into the growth of their organization.

Embedding Kodo People, our customers have been incubating their own authenticity where every employee’s thinking and behavioral style, background, or perspective is appreciated and forms a unique diversity, a Kind Of Distinguished Organization. Which, from there on, yields an impressive level of productivity and internal creativity. We are thrilled to know that we have contributed to their success.

We Are Kodo People

Our Mission is to help organizations write a successful future on both sides: leaders and employees.

At Kodo People, we aim to relax the overcomplicated relationship between employers and employees, which often compromises organizational harmony. No matter which industries you work in, or how many staff you are taking care of, we give you access to a compact HR solution that is derived from state-of-the-art scientific methodology. Our clients manage how diverse they want to be, and which behavioral style can fit (to their culture) so that no one feels being left behind. “All for one and one for all”, is how we help our customers to develop sustainably. Let’s build your own team, create your own signature, and incubate your own culture with us!

And remember: It’s all about behaviors!


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