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We make Talent Acquisition easier through the application of Behavioral Economics techniques.

Kodo People is a cutting-edge Behavioral SaaS tool that applies state-of-the-art knowledge from Behavioral Economics to assessments in the talent acquisition and people management worlds.

Behavioral Economics

The science that adds psychological insights to the study of human decision making.


Easy to use. Simple workflow to manage your candidates faster.


Economics Games, a reliable and validated technique to assess people’s intrinsic behavior.


The more you use it, the bigger impact it will have on your organization's culture.

Changing the world of work

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What we do

Behavior & Talent

Kodo People is powered by the Behave4 Diagnosis technology, which has been extensively used to help organizations know their people as well as to investigate people’s behaviors in a number of academic studies, for example, regarding social preferences and risk preferences. The measurement of candidates’ actual behavior in your hands! Let’s see some of the benefits of using this technology:

  • Strategy proofness
  • Incentive compatible games
  • Insights only based on decision-making
  • Abstract scenarios (there aren’t obvious decisions)
  • There isn’t discrimination by ethnic background, gender, etc.
  • Quantitative and qualitative information
  • People’s intrinsic behavior
  • Different candidate experience (no more boring questionnaires!)

What scientists say about us

"Kodo People's assessments are based on state-of-the-art scientific methods. The economic games used by Kodo People to assess behavioral traits are the same as those that we use in our top-level academic research nowadays."

(Personal webpage | Google Scholar)
"Kodo People's assessments are no different from the tools experimental and behavioral economists use in academic research."

(Personal webpage | Google scholar)

“Businesses should embrace the most advanced and up-to-date methods to assess employees’ behavioral traits. This is exactly what Kodo People does.”

(Personal webpage | Google scholar)

“Kodo people provides a much-needed bridge between scientifically validated research and its application to organizations. It's exciting to see state-of-the-art scientific methods, that I have myself used in my research, being used to assess employees’ and candidates’ behavioral dispositions.”

(Personal webpage | Google scholar)

“The economic games used by Kodo People are the gold standard among scientists; they have been scientifically validated in many academic studies on human behavior.”

(Personal webpage | Google scholar)
"For many years, economists have been using these experimental techniques to learn about the behavioral preferences of their subjects. It is clear why an employer would want this information about their applicants."

(Personal webpage I Google Scholar)

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Make recruiting processes more efficient and faster. Add objectivity to your hiring decisions and avoid biases.

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Talented people will stay longer with you. You’ll know better what triggers your people’s motivation.

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Develop leaders with the right behavioral traits and improve your teamwork quality.

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Our vision

Kodo People aims to help HR and Talent professionals in achieving their objectives through the utilization of objective and unbiased behavioral data.

Years of experience

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About us

We are not just another software solution.

We've been doing consulting and research projects for the last 7 years, working with great clients like Nokia Communications, Correos España, Mundipharma, Comdata, Banco Santander, San Telmo, and several universities. Thanks to the priceless experience and knowledge acquired during that period, we've evolved our business to help organizations make a difference by implementing the first behavioral economics SaaS solution.
We help build People-First cultures that outperform their competitors by considering the ‘behavioral factor’ as one of the main pillars.

We provide companies with a better understanding of people's real behavior thanks to latest behavioral economics assessments. As a result, companies that use behavioral insights can build a culture of thriving to address the future-of-work challenges (on-site, hybrid, or remote).

Flexibility, Proactivity, Autonomy, Agility, Curiosity, and Passion for the small details are some of our core principles. Yet we can’t understand those principles without considering the Human side and paying attention to the behavioral factor. Compassion, Cooperation, and Trust instill the way we operate as an organization on a daily basis to create a People-First culture.

Behavioral Economics is our engine to be disruptive in today’s world of work. The more we understand people’s intrinsic behavior, the better decisions we can make. To successfully address novel challenges, we need to implement novel solutions and become a data- driven organization.

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