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Kodo people talks on soft skills with Diego Sancho

Today we conducted the second interview in Spanish, with Diego Sancho, a Corporate Talent Manager at RDT Ingenieros, who tells us about the importance of soft skills and how to interact with the company’s workers.

RDT Ingenieros is an engineering company with over 1000 employees residing in different countries. Diego tells us that due to the growth of the company’s structure, it is increasingly necessary to use programs and activities with the different groups he coordinates to unite and build something in common with them that allows them to aim towards the same goal.

Diego’s strategy for achieving this involves regularly meeting every 15 days with teams to discuss specific topics like Onboarding or ATS (Applicant Tracking System) usage, and seeking feedback from employees. This gradually creates a cohesive environment that facilitates better coordination and collaboration among teams.

The workplace is an important part of people’s lives, where they spend a significant amount of time, and one cannot pretend that a person can fully separate their professional and personal life. Therefore, improving that environment, caring for employees, and as Diego recounts, asking “how are you?” and caring about their lives, improves the feeling of safety and interactions in the workplace.

Diego feels that his most important task is to humanize relationships in the company, so engagement has become essential to achieving it. Fran also adds his experience regarding the importance of workers being able to be themselves at work.

In the recruitment area, Diego talks to us about the attitude of the candidates or employees he likes the most, whom he calls “vitamin” employees for their enthusiasm and positive attitude, who instead of bringing only complaints, tend to come up with ideas on how to improve a particular situation that exists in the organization.

We are delighted with this interview we conducted with Diego. If you want to see the full interview, you can do so below.

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